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Product Applications

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Chuck  Change System

Chuck Change® ROI Less Than 6 Months

Background: The system was initially purchased to reduce changeover time from 2 to 3-jaw chucks.  The system was being installed in a batch production area that required both chuck types. The system was lumped into a machine purchase, but still needed justification based on time/cost savings.

Time Savings:
2 hrs per change
ROI: Less than 6 months

Repeatability: .0002" at Connection
Changeover Time: 10 Minutes
Maintenance: None required. The contact faces must be kept clean.

"Operators like the system now; their job is now much easier. Part quality has improved from the use of the proper workholding. Part ...
Drawdown Chucks

Drawdown Chuck Saves $4,000/M

Increased Production: 315 pcs/shift
Scrap reduced: 715 pcs/month
Total Savings: $4000/ month

Part: Internal sprocket with three flanges.
Operation: Machine flanges.
Tolerances: .170mm runout between the flange faces and the ID.
Production Requirements: 15,000/Month
Part Issues: .001mm of misloading (from machine automation) results in .0025mm of runout.
Tried: Original method was to use a 3 Jaw chuck, relying on machine automation to load the part square against the workstop.

Recommendation: Switch to Positrol Drawdown Chuck that centers and pulls back to ...
2 Jaw Face Clamp Chuck

Swing Clamp Chuck Decreases Scrap

Increased Production: 250 pcs/shift
Scrap reduced: 715 pcs/month
Total Savings: $1700/ month

Part: Round Part 35 MM OD,  30 MM ID with a small flange.
Operation: Turn ID and face and hold the ID to 30.000 mm
Tolerances: ID size tolerance .021 mm, TIR runout of the flange over the OD of .05mm
Production Requirements: 13,000/Month
Part Issues: Part was slightly out ouf round before machining
Tried: Original method was to use a 3 Jaw chuck with pie jaws. Second attempt to use a quick change style collet chuck.

Recommendation: Spring ...