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Inside Diameter Expanding Mandrels & Expanding Collets

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Expanding Mandrels

Used for most internal workholding applications.

  • Inexpensive and in stock – expanding collets ground to part size specification
  • Pull back clamping action contributes to the positive location of the workpiece
  • Repeatability: .0005" T.I.R.
  • Manual or drawbar operation
Hydraulic Expanding Arbors

Hydraulic Expanding Mandrels

For high precision grinding inspection and turning applications

  • Ultimate precision with .0002” TIR as standard and .00005” TIR for critical applications
  • Reduce maintenance with completely sealed arbors with no moving parts
  • Grip multiple parts or multiple diameters simultaneously
  • No pullback action which is ideal for broached parts
  • Compensates for Out-Of-Round bores
  • Push-on Arbors

    Push-on Arbors

    Ideal for inspection and OD grinding applications

  • Quick load and unload
  • No moving parts to maintain
  • Repeatability standard at .0002" TIR
  • Grip diameters as small as .250"
  • Jaw Arbor

    Jaw Arbors

    Designed to allow for additional loading clearance

  • Suitable for both first and second operations.
  • Ideal for applications requiring expansion as much as .750" on diameter.
  • Repeatability on second operations as low as .0002" TIR
  • Pullback or dead length designs
  • Swivel-Grip Chucks

    Swivel-Grip Chucks

    Ideal for gripping on castings and forging on the ID

  • Pullback feature provides positive length control and parallelism
  • Jaw/Arm assembly (not just the jaw) swivels six degrees to compensate for irregularities
  • Jaws can be individually adjusted to improve part roundness - exclusive feature
  • Two, three, four and six jaw, self centering or compensating styles available
  • Top jaws designed to suit, with or without our grippers
  • Air sensing and thru spindle coolant capable
  • Gear Arbors

    Gear Arbors

    Locate on your part's pitch diameter accurately for turning, milling, grinding and inspection applications. Whether the gear or spline is cut or formed on the inside or outside diameters - straight or helical bevel gears

  • Collet arbors
  • Hydraulic expanding arbors
  • Rotary locking splines
  • Specials that have unique advantages suited to your application