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Spline & Gear Workholding

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Gear Arbors

Gear Arbors

Locate on your part's pitch diameter accurately for turning, milling, grinding and inspection applications. Whether the gear or spline is cut or formed on the inside or outside diameters - straight or helical bevel gears

  • Collet arbors
  • Hydraulic expanding arbors
  • Rotary locking splines
  • Specials that have unique advantages suited to your application
  • Bevel Gear Chuck

    Bevel Gear Chuck

    Locate on straight or helical form of a bevel gear with this workholding option
    • Designed for high-medium volume
    • Clamps over the gear bevel so ID and face can be turned or ground
    • Jaws compensates for concentricity and thickness variation
    • Locater plates and jaws can be interchanged for different parts
    Hydraulic Membrane Pitch Diameter Chucks

    Hydraulic Membrane Pitch Diameter Chucks

    High precision pitch location for secondary operations

  • Repeatability within .0002" TIR as standard and up to .00005" TIR for critical applications.
  • Completely sealed against contamination
  • Grips multiple parts and/or multiple diameters
  • Collets allow for quick size changes
  • Manual or power operated.
  • Pitch Diameter Collet Chucks

    Pitch Diameter Collet Chucks

    Offers more load and clamping range

  • Repeatability within .0005" TIR
  • Collets allow for quick size changes
  • Drawbar operated
  • Pullback or dead length applications
  • Collet Spline arbor

    Collet Spline arbor

    Pullback action to be used for turning, milling grinding and gear operations.

  • Standard collets spline ground
  • Pullback or dead length design
  • Standard arbors or specials design
  • .0005” TIR
  • Rotating Spline

    Rotating Spline

    Suited for rough turning applications.

  • No Pull back
  • Middle or end spline rotates to locate on PD
  • Additional load clearance
  • .001” TIR
  • Hydraulic Expanding Spline Arbor

    Hydraulic Expanding Spline Arbor

    Ultimate precision for turning, balancing, grinding and inspection

  • Ultimate precision with .0002” TIR standard or less for critical applications
  • Completely sealed
  • No moving parts
  • No Pullback
  • .0002” TIR
  • Jaw Spline Arbor

    Jaw Spline Arbor

    For tight tolerance with additional load clearance good for broached parts

  • More loading clearance than collet for easier robot load
  • .0002”TIR
  • No Pullback